VENUS Engineering LLC is a best practice multi-disciplinary construction company based in Dubai that offers innovative engineering services in UAE, Oman  and Jordan.

Since its inception in 2007 by Civil  Engineer, Mahdi S.Hanna, VENUS Engineering have experienced major diversification and growth. Still privately owned, the company place a strong emphasis on delivering consistent and reliable engineering services in concrete repairs, structural strengthening and rehabilitation on a wide range of structures.

VENUS Engineering's frequent equipment upgrades, high investment in manpower resources and client-focused dedication has allowed them to deliver numerous projects within the construction industry.

In 2016 VENUS Engineering Became a member of StrongForce group.

VENUS Engineering recently joined the StrongForce Group of Companies, increasing its capacity and capability to perform its works throughout the United Arab Emirates and throughout the GCC. Venus Engineering, through the StrongForce Group companies can perform works to all types of structures including design, modification and new construction of Post Tensioning among other services offered by the StrongForce Group. For more information please see www.strongforce.com


Venus Engineering offers a team of long-term fully qualified and trained project management staff that are dedicated to safety, quality and sustainability. We pride ourselves on our highly adaptable team that excel in project delivery for planned and unplanned works. This dedication and diversification extends to our frequently upgraded plant and equipment to deliver all projects with clear and open communication to the client resulting in highly successful project performance.


Venus Engineering have been operating for 11 years in Concrete Repair, Strengthening and Rehabilitation of a numerous structural buildings and amenities in UAE.

Venus Engineering has built a solid reputation and developed high procedures governed by a IMS (Integrated Manual Standard) based on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001-2007 these procedures meet all the minimum requirements of dust and noise nuisance during operation.

Venus has developed a contemporary Health and Safety policy that is compliant with the industry's regulations, eliminating the risk of construction hazards. Our safety-oriented staff has a vast knowledge of technical concrete repair methods and materials, which contribute to our high safety performance while delivering on time within budget.

Venus Engineering delivers projects using the following procedures to ensure successful execution of their awarded contracts:

• Internal pre-construction meetings involving our appointed construction and financial teams are set up  upon contract award.

• All aspects of the project are studied prior to construction to identify any areas of risk that require
implementation of precautionary measures.

• Method of execution are analyze and identified so that the most efficient and economic mythology are
adopted to meet the client requirements in terms of budget, cost and time

• Procurement of materials and services are analyzed and selected prior to commencement of works to
maximize time and cost efficiency on site.

• Our ongoing project management and reporting system allow the key steps of the contract to be
monitored in order to provide the client and consultant team with excellent customer service.

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